Monday, March 17, 2014

My birthday!

Hello familia! This week went a lot better than last week. We're still getting to know the secor because it is huge and we still get lost sometimes. We had a hard time finding this week so we just decided to spend more time visiting members and trying to get references. It went really good. We're really gaining trust in the members and we got a bunch of References to visit this week. We found an interesting investigator this week. He's a young Professor the doesn't believe in God. I invited him to pray and ask if God exists and then he said he wants to make me a  deal. He'll pray and he wants us to teach him but only if we teach in English. He (or my companion)  doesn't speak any English so I don't know how good this is going to work. We'll see this week I guess?
My Birthday was awesome! We have soccer night every Wednesday so we got to play soccer for about two hours. Afterwards, I ordered pizza and my companion bought me cake so we had a thirty minute party. It was a pretty solid birthday. I didn't get any of my packages but we have interviews with the president on Wednesday so I'm hoping they're there!
Its starting to get cold! Every morning i wake up freezing. I think I'm going to need to buy a new jacket if that's alright because mine isn't really waterproof. That's about it for this week. Love you guys!!!

sorry the computer I have won't let me send pictures so you'll have to wait to see my birthday pictures next week. Also I don't know if i should buy a jacket. I was going to buy a decent wind breaker that would be really warm with a sweater under it for about 70 dollars? I was also thinking about my grey ski coat and wondering why I didn't bring that. Maybe that would be easier to send. Let me know what you think.
Elder Roberts

Monday, March 10, 2014

We had some crazy changes this week! We had an emergency cambio. I got a call on Thursday to pack my bags and to leave Quirihue the next morning. I was a little bummed because I didn't have very much time to say goodbye to everyone and I had to miss my birthday party that they had planned for me and Elder Dabell that would have been today. We just went and said bye to a few members and then had a family home evening with some of my favorite members. I am now working in a city called Chillan. Its like Concepcion but a little bit smaller. It's so crazy going from Quirihue to the City. We have a really strong ward with about 120 members that love to work with the missionaries. I haven't really been able to work with the members very much my whole mission so I'm super excited to work here. There is also Mcdonalds here, the only one in the whole mission so I'm super excited for that. My companion is Elder Raquena from Santiago Chile. He's a super funny kid and doesn't know any English at all. I love speaking Spanish all the time. I feel like I'm learning so much now. It was so hard to speak Spanish with Elder Judkins and with three gringos in our house. I'm also learning a lot of new Chilean words and phrases.  Hermano Gaillard -last thing I heard is he is doing better. Thank you for your prayers. That's about it this week. Love everyone!

Today I found out I'm staying in Chillan for another cambio with Elder Raquena! I'm super exited, I think this cambio is going to be awesome. Elder Madina whose family lives in Parker's ward is leaving and Elder Hoops from Draper who I ran track with is coming to take his place.
This week wasn't the greatest. Our sector is huge and both of us don't know it very well so we spent a lot of time just walking trying to find houses. I'm pretty sure we walked fifty miles so I think Bishop is going to get us bikes soon! ojala!
We have a conference this week with Elder Zaballos from the seventy. It was amazing. He talked a lot about the importance of learning English and how English is the language of the Restoration. All the Latinos are trying to learn English now. I saw my companion from the MTC Elder Watson at the Conference. Its insane how much he changed! In the MTC he weighed 142 and I weighed 165. Now I weigh 150 and he weighs 172! He's a giant and I'm the skinniest man alive.
I went to Mcdonalds today for the first time! I was really excited but the food was horrible and way more expensive. I definitely won't be going there again. 
Thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes!!! I feel old. I literally feel like my 18th birthday was three months ago. I'm hoping I'll get my package but I doubt it. All the packages go to Concepcion and nobody from Chillan ever goes to Concepcion so I might have to wait a bit. I'll get it eventually though. Thanks for everything! Love you guys!!!