Monday, February 23, 2015


Pamela got confirmed! She's doing really good and the whole ward loves her. She said she's just been happy this whole week so thanks for all the prayers. Eli is progressing very well. She's reading and praying every day and has a very strong testimony of the Restoration. Her whole family doesn't want her to get baptized so its been hard for her to make a decision but with your prayers she'll be getting baptized this Sunday.
My companion is still sick. He's still running on very little food every day and I don't know how he does it but we've been able to work every day. Hopefully we can get to the doctor this week to see what he has. That's about it for this week, Have a good one and I hope your enjoying the slopes because its still roasting hot here. Les Queiro! Chao Chao

Monday, February 16, 2015

The Flood

How is it going family? The first week with my new companion was awesome. He's hilarious and we get along really good. He also speaks a little bit of English so we've been practicing a lot because he's planning on going to BYU. He's also very sick. For the last three weeks everything he eats including water he throws up. He has basically been fasting this whole week that I have been with him, while eating little things every once and a while. He gave in and ate lunch one day and then was in bed all day and we couldn't leave to work so basically he can work when his stomach is empty. Its really weird and this week they are going to be putting a camera down his throat to see whats wrong, I don't know what that's called.
Pamela got baptized! Everything went very good except that I left the font on during church and flooded it and we spent the whole second hour of church cleaning it and getting ready for the baptism. We did it right after church and I've never seen anyone so nervous. Pamela was super nervous but after I've never seen anyone so happy in my life. She even shared her testimony and she definitely had the gift of tongues because she was able to say everything she wanted to say. She usually cant get a sentence out without stumbling up the words so that was really cool. Eli also came and should be getting baptized this Sunday. She definitely needs your prayers because she still is not 100% sure, but she's definitely ready.
You didn't tell me Austin is getting married? He's still a child- that's pretty crazy. Say hi to Caleb for me! Love you guys!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My new companion, Elder Calizaya from Peru

Hows everyone doing? Sounds like the Superbowl was pretty good and no nobody talks about it here. I had no idea about the Superbowl until a member told me on Sunday morning, so its definitely not anything special here. 
This week we've just been working with the members like crazy. We basically don't knock on doors at all anymore, but instead they said they would rather have us in the house of a member instead strengthening them and getting references. Were still working with Pamela and Eli. We've seen the biggest change in Pamela- its crazy. Before she just listened to us and wasn't that interested and had almost no relationship with God. She said never received answers to her prayers and she was just stuck in her house all day. Now she's super happy every time we come and she tells us about how she feels the spirit so strong when she prays. With Eli happened basically the same thing. She was super shy but now she's super exited to get baptized. They are both neighbors and we took both of them to a baptism in another ward because they wanted to see how it was and they loved it. Pray for them so that they can get baptized on the 15th! Have an awesome week, Love everyone!

How are ya doing family? We had changes again today and after a short time with Elder Skelton he is leaving and my now companion will be Elder Calizaya from Peru. I'm pretty exited to be with a Latino companion because I've been with gringos for the last 9 months so i think that will help my Spanish a lot.
This week we weren't able to have very much contact with our investigators but Pamela is still doing really good. She even went camping with the relief society of the ward and loved the trip and she wants nothing else but to get baptized. Eli isn't doing too great. She told us the other day that her pastor of the evangelic church wanted to talk to her. We told her that she probably shouldn't and we told her everything that he would say false about the church. She went and talked to him and then she wouldn't answer her phone and didn't go to church and finally after church we got a hold of her and she told us exactly what we told her would happen. She's really confused and she's not sure anymore about her baptism this Sunday so she definitely needs your prayers and were hoping she can still do it on Saturday
Love you guys!

Elder Roberts