Monday, May 25, 2015

Hello Family,
This week was a solid week here in Chillan. We are really doing everything we can to take care of the investigators that we have right now. Daniel is just awesome and ready to go for the 6th of June. I think I told you about Julio and Karina last week. Last week they went to church with a lot of doubts and just wanting to get to know the church. They were doing great but we weren't sure how good they were going to progress until we passed by on Tuesday to visit Karina and she had read, prayed, and loved church and the only thing she was worried about was the temperature of the water when she gets baptized! When she said that my companion looked at me and said out loud with a smile "what the freak?" We were blown away it was amazing! She also said something that really helped me with my teaching and strengthened my testimony. She said she loved the way we taught her because we taught her a short lesson and really focused on the reading and praying in her own time so that she learned for her self and so the spirit could work in her. We didn't even have to teach her very much, she did it in her own time and the spirit really does the rest. So I thought that was really cool to see the spirit work like that. Julio did the same thing and is really excited to get baptized also. We are also working with a family that we found this week. The other elders in our ward were teaching this family because the 14 year old daughter is a recent convert and the parents aren't members and they are not married. After time they stopped progressing so we decided to do a switch of missionaries hoping that with different missionaries teaching them they would get a jump start again and start progressing. It was really surprising but it worked really good! They went to church the first time last week and now have been twice and also finally they want to get married! They're a really cool family and you definitely need to pray for them.
Today we did another zone activity. We had a barbecue in our house and invited a bunch of missionaries from Chillan. We ate tons of meat and played ping pong,f so it was a great activity. Welp that's about it. Les amo y ojala que tengan una buena semana!

May 18
Hello family,
We have some awesome investigators that were working with right now. Daniel came to church again and is more excited than ever to get baptized. My companion gave him one of those future missionary plaques and he wore it all day in church. We are still teaching him be phone and it is going pretty good so far. We are also teaching Julio and Karina who are both in their twenties and are brother and sister. They have a ton of questions and doubts but really willing to learn read and pray. They both went to church and liked it a lot. They definitely need your prayers so that they can keep progressing! Have an awesome week! Les Quiero!!!

May 11
Hello family,
I feel like I already told you everything that's going on but I'll just tell you again. It was sad leaving Chiguayante, I definitely had a great time in that sector. The saddest was Pamela when she started to cry. She's the nicest and most innocent person in the world and she was so sad. She's doing really good though and I'm sure she's going straight to the celestial kingdom. 
I've been in Chillan now for about a week and I love it. The house I live in is probably 4 times bigger than my last house. Just having a couch in the house is like heaven and also a hot shower for the fist time in 4 and a half months was pretty nice. Elder Taylor is a great guy and really likes to work so we are getting a long really good. We started the week off a little slow but towards the end things started picking up and we found a lot of new people. We had an investigator named Daniel that's 14 years old in church and he will be getting baptized at the end of this month. His mom just got reactivated, so their family is doing really good. The only problem is he lives about an hour away from Chillan in the middle of nowhere, so we'll probably do most of the teaching by phone.
I saw Oscar for the first time in a year! Oscar was the first person I taught that got baptized in my whole mission so it was awesome to see him and such a surprise. I gave him the biggest hug and he told me he's leaving on the mission in two weeks! I'm super exited for him and one day this week I'm going to get to go eat lunch with him. That's the scoop of this week. Mom I hope you had a great mothers day! I love you and thanks for everything you do!


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Grandma and Grandpa Clark with one of Sam and Parker's good friends from Alta, Josh Jensen, all serving in Peru. He said Grandpa is a legend in Peru, who baptized so many leaders in Peru! Go grandpa!

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Hey Family!!!
Mom that's crazy you just wrote me that letter about Elder Taylor because starting tomorrow he's my new companion!!! Its a crazy, small world. I've known him almost my whole mission so we are already pretty good friends and now I'll be finishing the mission with him.  I'm leaving Chiguayante and going to Chillan again! I absolutely love Chillan so I'm super excited! Its so peaceful and nice and its basically the opposite of Concepcion even though I did love it here.
This week the young men from the Concepcion area did a mini-mission so we had one of them as our companion for Friday,, Saturday and Sunday. My companion was a cool guy and we did a lot of work. I just felt like I was training again so that was pretty fun. This is a very short letter but I'm out of time but I'll talk to you next week! I honestly have no idea when we are going to skype because I'm going to a new sector but I will let you guys know asap! Love you guys!

Elder Roberts

picture of Sam's new companion, Elder Taylor's Mom and me at BYU Women's Conference. We were introduced by Aunt Alee, so we snapped this picture just in case they knew each other, and they were made companions just a couple of days after we met. It is a small world!