Monday, February 24, 2014


hola family,
This week was alright. We've found a lot of investigators the last few weeks but this week we just couldn't get a hold of them. We're trying to work with the members but we ended up tracting a lot. We found a new investigator named Carlos. He understands everything and is doing really good. The only problem is he has a special needs child that he can't take anywhere or he just destroys everything in his path. He wasn't able to travel to Coelemu but he said he'll be able to come to Quirihue this week. We had a super awesome activity at our house on Friday. We did a game that we played a long time ago with our stake. You have to follow a rope blind folded with an egg in your hand and there's Satan's temptations trying to break your egg before you reach the end of the rope or eternal life. It was hilarious and everyone loved it. Not much else happened this week. My ping pong skills are improving a lot! The new Argentino in our house is really good and we've been playing a lot. Being district leader is really hard but I love it. I'm starting to recognize the guide of the Holy Ghost so much more and all the blessings that we receive every day. I love this work and I know its true! Love everyone!

Elder Roberts2-24
Hola Everyone, 
This week was not the greatest. Everyone is on vacation and we've been having trouble finding people to teach. Half of our contacts don't even live here. Vacations are now over so this week should be a lot better. We found out one of our good members Miguel Gaillard just has a few days left to live. Before church on Sunday we got to go to the Hospital and give him a blessing. It was a really good spiritual experience. It is really sad because everyone in the branch has been friends with him for years. It would be great if you could keep him in your prayers.
On Saturday we went to faria that they have every Saturday here. A long road with people selling tons of random things. We have some members that sell there so we set up a table with pamphlets and book of Mormons. We sat there and made contacts for about three hours and it was actually really successful. We had the greatest time and set up about sixteen appointments between the four of us. I think that will now be a weekly activity.
This week my fear for spiders just increased. I was on a mini cambio a few weeks ago and found a lady that lost two fingers and now has a whole in her stomach from a spider called a Rincon. This week we were contacting and talking to some lady and all the sudden she yelled and said there was a spider on my back! The spider ran up to the collar of my shirt and then she told me its a Rincon! I freaked out and my companion hit it off and killed it. She then told me she saved my life and because I'm a servant of the Lord and he's watching over me. Its so true! Well I love you guys!

Elder Roberts

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

This week with the cambios we got a new missionary in our house from Buenos Aires, Argentina right where Parker lives. He has a weird Argentina accent. My first week being a district leader went awesome. There's only six missionaries in my district so that's really nice. The Elders I live with and then two sister missionaries. We are all super young in the mission! Three of us have six months, one has 4 months and two only have a month and a half! We all have a lot to learn but we're actually doing super good. We have a good group of investigators right now. Last night we found a couple that just had a baby. We had an awesome lesson with them. The husband has a few doubts but his wife accepted baptism! They have definitely been prepared and I'm super excited to teach them. Church was in Coelemu this week. We were out picking up some of our members before church and we decided to invite some guy that we taught a few days ago. He smells horrible and has a huge beard full of food. Its disgusting but we invited him anyways and surprisingly he came. During church he kept running out of the room pretending to talk to people on the phone in English. It was funny because he knew like ten words in English. He then started pushing buttons and making his phone beep. Everyone was just staring at him the whole time, It was horrible. He then left again for another phone call and then left the building and disappeared. I think something is wrong with his brain and I don't think we'll be visiting him anymore. Thanks for the package mom! Love all you guys!

Elder Roberts


Dear Family,
This week week went super good. Being a district leader is a lot more work but I'm loving it. I got to go to a new leader Conference in Concepcion on Tuesday so I got to go stay in a place called Dichato for a night. When the earthquake happened, Dichato got hit worse than every other part and got destroyed. It was super fun to work there. I stayed with Elder Mitten from my MTC group so that was awesome. The conference went great, I've learned so much these last few weeks. I also did my first baptismal interview This week. The other Elders in our house baptized an 18 year old kid named Eric. At his baptismal service I accomplished one of my mission goals to play the piano at a meeting. I played "God speed the right" the only song I know and my companion sang a solo. It was hilarious because my companion had to follow my rhythm which was way off, and I messed up like 7 times but I finished the whole song so I was pretty proud of myself.
We worked super hard this week and found a lot of people to teach. We had 8 investigators committed to go to church Saturday night! I was so excited for Sunday until not one of them showed up and we had about 12 there total. Super, Super disappointing. I guess it just means we need to work on our commitments to go to church. We are finding a lot of people though and we have a lot of people to work with this week. Love you guys! Take advantage of the snow while you can!