Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Loving It!

I can’t believe it has already been 3 weeks! It went by so fast!  My testimony grows so much every day! I never knew I could learn so much in 3 weeks. When I’m teaching a lesson in Spanish words start coming to me right at the right time! It is so cool what you can do when you have the spirit with you! Once a week we get to go teach volunteer investigators. Some of them aren't even LDS so its really cool and makes me super excited to leave! Robert, Jeff, and Keaton all got here on Tuesday! I love seeing them here, I feel like I’m at home! And thank you for the candy and the shoes that was a life saver!  I´ve been eating candy like crazy! The store is so cheap! Most of the candy is one peso so that’s what most of my 100 pesos a week goes to! We still play sand volleyball every day! I’m getting pretty good. On p-day we play for like 2 or 3 hours. We went to the temple again today! It was awesome except that I still have no idea what is going on because it is all in Spanish. I love driving through Mexico though, And I think we might get to leave the MTC one more time before we leave. I just got my first hair cut! I was super scared. She didn´t even ask me what I wanted and just went for it but it actually ended up really good. This week my teacher is getting really serious with HIS, so no more English! It is really hard but its crazy how much it helps. I've made a ton of friends here and my district is awesome! I'll send you some more pictures! Thanks for the update on everything! I love you guys!!!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A picture of a desk from Sam!

This week has been awesome! It gets better every day here. Its crazy- it has been two weeks already! The first few days were super slow but now its flying by. It is really weird- I love to study and read now! I love the Book of Mormon and I wish I read it 100 times before I came. I'm super exited for Jeff and Robert to come tonight! But 
there´s going to be so many people here! There was already a ton of kids that came last week and I think there are a lot more coming tonight. Almost all of the missionaries here are going back to the states except for the missionaries going to Chile. And there are a lot of people going to Utah! One of my friends, Elder Poulsen is going to the Draper Sandy area so if you see him say hi! We got two new Mexican roommates last week and they speak no English. They're awesome except that we just found out why our dorm smells so bad. They put all their toilet paper in the garbage instead of the toilet. We're gonna have to have a talk with them tonight.
The Spanish is coming along great! We have a couple investigators and we teach them about every day. It is so hard to teach in Spanish! We also teach the Mexicans in our dorm at night which helps a lot! Every Sunday every missionary has to prepare a talk in Spanish and then they call up random people during the meeting to speak. I got lucky and didn't have to speak this week but that means I'll probably be speaking next week!
My new favorite sport is volleyball! We play every day and I dominate the net! My hamstring is getting better but its not 100%. I haven't really done anything to hurt it so I'm hoping it will start feeling better in a week or two.
I really want to weigh myself because I think I´ve gained some weight. My pants are getting really tight on the waste. I'm loving the food. I feel like we're always eating and I'm gonna be a marshmallow after six weeks but I would still love snacks! I get really hungry at night. And for some reason I cant get any money out of the ATM with my card? and I don't know if I know the pin to the new card you gave me. We get 120 pesos a week but it would be really nice to have a little more money.
The rain here is insane! I've never seen rain like this before. It rains super hard for about an hour and then it clears up and it is super nice. I love my shoes! They do awesome in the rain, I've stepped in a ton of huge puddles so thanks for the extra pair! We don't ever get to leave the MTC except when we go to the temple so that's kind of a bummer but we get to go one more time! I love driving through Mexico City but I see so many taco stands and they won't let us outside of the temple grounds!
Thanks for the update on all the farewell talks! I wish I could have been there but I bet they were awesome. I hope you guys are having a good summer. Tell me more about it! Sounds like the poopy garbage can cleaning went good! I bet the back yard smells horrible. Tell Jaxson and Dillon Hi!!! And tell Tyler to write me so that I have his email. I love you Mommy and Dad and all the bros!!!!!! I'll send you some pictures that I didn't have time to send last week!



Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sam's first letter

Hola Familia!!!!!! 
I miss you guys so much!!! You guys are making me jealous - I want to go boating so bad! The MTC is awesome! The first few days my teeth hurt and they were probably the longest days of my life, but I'm loving it now! And my teeth are fine! There are only about 70 of us here right now but we are supposed to get a bunch more tonight and 800 more missionaries within a few weeks. My companion is Elder Watson from Holladay. He's awesome and we are getting along great. And he has a twin sister! I've met a lot of twins. I think they are splitting up the twins on purpose. Elder Enright in my room is also going to Chile and he has a twin brother going to Argentina! I'm learning a ton of spanish! I feel like im cramming a thousand words a day in my head and my brain hurts. On the third day we had to give a thirty minute lesson to a fake investigator in spanish! It was really rough and i dont know if any of if made sense but we got through it! There is a kid in my district that is exactly like Elder Calhoon on the best two years. Its hillarious! The food is great! The first few days it wasn´t even all the way set up yet so we got warmed up hot dogs and some other gross Mexican food but every meal is delicous now! I think i've gainged a little weight too! We get an hour of free time every day and then were studying the rest of the time. Basketball is the greatest! I've been playing the last few days but my hamstring still hurts so I think im gonna have to lay off for a few weeks, which really stinks because there's not really anything else to do. We went to the temple today!!! It was awesome except that the whole thing was in spanish and I had no idea what was going on. The drivers here are crazy! I saw my life flash before my eyes when our bus driver went right into and intersection and three cars had to slam on their brakes. But it was super nice to get out of the MTC for a little bit. I think we get to go to the temple one more time.
How is Parker doing!!!? I haven't got an email from him. Tell him to write me! Let me know what else is going on!!! And you can send packages! Snacks would be the greatest! We have dinner at 6 and by the time I go to bed I'm starving! The weather here is perfect! It's always about 75 degrees and a little cloudy with no sun and a little bit of rain every night! I love it. Do you think you could return those shoes and get some more eccos? They're the most comfortable shoes ever. I only get your dear elders once a week. We get one hour so I'm running out of time! I hope this wasn't too short! I´ll try and do better next week! Well I love you guys and miss you more than ever!!!!!