Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Last Letter in the Mission. Greatest 2 years of my life!

Baptism of Karina, Julio, and Daniel
Whats up family! 
Well this is the last time I'll be writing before I see you! Every day just goes by so fast! We had an awesome week. Karina, Julio, and Daniel all got baptized! Everything went so smooth in the service and the spirit was so strong there. I had the opportunity to baptize Julio and he was just a happy man coming out of the water. Pablo and Cecilia still surprise us every time we visit them. They're doing so good and so committed to get married and baptized in the first week of July. I wish I had more time to write but I don't because we went to the mountains this morning and we got snowed in for about 4 hours so we are running a little late. I love you guys. I know this church is true and changes people 100%. The gospel is incredibly powerful and I've seen it brighten peoples lives! Thanks for all the support and all the great letters from everyone. Les amo muchisimo!

Elder Roberts

The baptismal font was locked on one side and someone had turned it on so i either had to scale the wall or swim so i chose to scale the wall. Just so you understand that picture. 
I flew to Argentina and reunited with my bro Parker!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Incredible week! Daniel, Karina, and Julio are all good so far for their baptism on Saturday! I'm super excited! I've never seen anyone progress so fast. We also received the biggest blessing in the world. On Wednesday night we taught Pablo and Cecilia the family proclamation to the world and they committed to get married and baptized the second week in July! The spirit was super strong in that lesson and they are doing so good, I can't believe it. I won't be here but I'm so excited for them to get baptized. I think their my favorite family that I have taught. I also realized their daughter Carla that is 14, is perfect for max and Ryan so I'll send you a picture soon. She's probably one of the strongest members in the ward.
I had a pretty bad accident on Thursday morning. I was doing pull ups on one of those bars that hooks onto the top of the door. I pushed up to adjust my hands and the bar came off. I went from the very top of the door frame to straight on my back whiplashing my head and destroying my neck on the wood floor. It was at seven in the morning and I was just in another world all day with the biggest headache and walking around looking out of it, not being able to move my head. Luckily this morning, I woke up feeling a lot better and I can now move my neck around. So don't worry, I'm fine. Well have an awesome week on the Boat! Love you guys!