Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Loving It!

I can’t believe it has already been 3 weeks! It went by so fast!  My testimony grows so much every day! I never knew I could learn so much in 3 weeks. When I’m teaching a lesson in Spanish words start coming to me right at the right time! It is so cool what you can do when you have the spirit with you! Once a week we get to go teach volunteer investigators. Some of them aren't even LDS so its really cool and makes me super excited to leave! Robert, Jeff, and Keaton all got here on Tuesday! I love seeing them here, I feel like I’m at home! And thank you for the candy and the shoes that was a life saver!  I´ve been eating candy like crazy! The store is so cheap! Most of the candy is one peso so that’s what most of my 100 pesos a week goes to! We still play sand volleyball every day! I’m getting pretty good. On p-day we play for like 2 or 3 hours. We went to the temple again today! It was awesome except that I still have no idea what is going on because it is all in Spanish. I love driving through Mexico though, And I think we might get to leave the MTC one more time before we leave. I just got my first hair cut! I was super scared. She didn´t even ask me what I wanted and just went for it but it actually ended up really good. This week my teacher is getting really serious with HIS, so no more English! It is really hard but its crazy how much it helps. I've made a ton of friends here and my district is awesome! I'll send you some more pictures! Thanks for the update on everything! I love you guys!!!!

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