Monday, December 2, 2013

We found a little lizard running around our house
Hi family,
This week was alright. We did a lot of traveling this week. I added up about 12 hours of bus rides and I think my head is going to explode. We did a lot of tracting this week again. I'm pretty sure I've knocked on every door in Quirihue. The heat is killing me but we are still working hard. We have one progressing investigator named Maria. She's doing awesome. She drinks a ton of coffee so we taught her about the word of wisdom the other day. She said for some reason she didn't have the desire to drink coffee for about 4 days before we taught the word of wisdom. So we are super exited about that and she has a date set for Baptism for the 14th of December. We had church in Coelemu on Sunday. Only 4 members from Quirihue came. We're doing our best but they just won't come to Church. I think they are making a decision at the end of the year to shut it down or not. I'm getting super skinny! I think I weigh around 150 pounds. Last week we had a little bowl of pasta for 4 days in a row and I almost died. I just went to the store and bought a ton of food because I definitely need to put some weight back on. I'm watching myself wither away and it is killing me. Sorry, I don't have much time today. But please tell Grandpa Clark HAPPY BIRTHDAY last week!I can't wait to talk to you on Christmas!

This week went by really fast but it was good. Maria is still doing good. She has some doubts still but she came to church and we are still planning and the 14th for her baptism. We found a less active that hasn't been to church for about ten years. We've been teaching her and she's came to church the last 2 weeks. This week we finally got the members from Coelemu to come with us and visit the members again and we had a lot better attendance of about 18. That's really good compared to last time when we had 6. It was fast and testimony meeting and I got the chance to share my testimony. The spirit was there and I think it was a really good experience for the investigator.
I have another Dog story. So usually your supposed to wait outside of the gate and yell for people to come outside but we always just walk in and knock on the door. So we walked into a gate to knock on the door and as I was knocking on the door I saw two of the biggest, most angry dogs I have ever seen running at us. I just put my hands in the air and seriously was expecting to get bit. My companion started yelling at them and then they tried to bite his leg but got his sling bag hanging over. He then opened the gate and I took a giant leap to the side walk. I've never been so scared in my life but it was a definitely testimony building experience because I knew it was because we were being watched over that we didn't get bit.
I got my package! It made my day. I love the Christmas tree, its perfect for my desk. The stockings are awesome. Sorry I couldn't resist eating almost all the candy on the top. Most of the presents were ripped open so that kind ruined the surprise. But I taped them back up so its alright. It does not feel like Christmas at all. It makes me sad because its not as big here. but I still have my Christmas music to bring the Christmas spirit.Tell Grandpa Roberts HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Thursday for me! I'm sad I won't be there. You need to let me know how they are doing and give me their emails. Love you guys! 

 played some basketball today and never felt so out of shape in my life. We played a less active that's a personal trainer. We told him if we win he has to come to church and we won of course.
We found some cool super rare eggs at a members house.

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