Tuesday, December 17, 2013

hello everybody. This week was really good. We worked really hard this week. We've been teaching a lot of lessons. I feel a lot better about my Spanish this week and I'm feeling a lot more comfortable teaching. We found an investigator this week that is super prepared for the Gospel. We taught him about the Restoration and the book of Mormon and his mind was blown. The spirit was super strong and I'm super exited to teach him this week. I'm feeling good about this week. Elder Ronco has been in Quirihue for six months and is probably leaving next week and we really want to leave the sector strong! 
Dad- I started eating a ton of food. I'm sick of being so skinny so I just eat a ton of eggs every morning. I think I ate 36 this week. But you should give me some ideas on how to make them.
Dad- I don't know what else you want to hear about life in Chile. You need to be a little more specific but I'm exited to talk to you guys. I'm pretty sure Chilean Spanish is horrible and they say a lot of weird things so it will be funny to talk to Tyler.
Love you guys! Merry Christmas!!!

I just finished my 3rd cambio! I get a new companion tomorrow and I will be training a new missionary!!! My mind is blown. I thought I was still the new kid. I'm a little worried because my Spanish isn't the greatest but I'm super exited and I'll be traveling to Concepcion tomorrow morning to pick him up.
Me and Elder Ronco had a good week this week. We found a lot of people and have two people with baptismal dates. Church this Sunday was at our house. The presidency wasn't able to come so we got to run the meeting. We had a good assistance and a good meeting other than none of our investigators were able to come. And I don't know if I told you but Maria isn't getting baptized. Her daughters and aunt talked her out of it. It was a huge bummer but what can you do.
I got my package! Its waiting for me in the office and I'll be picking it up tomorrow! I love the tree you sent me. We have tons of presents under it from the other Elders and it is starting to feel a little bit like Christmas.
About skype. Right now I have no idea. We have a couple members that we can go to but I'll find out the details this week and let you know. Love you guys!

Elder Roberts
1. Doing some service and Chopping some wood!
2. Biggest spider i have ever seen. I almost peed my pants. I hate spiders more than anything in the world and our house is infested.
3. My district

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