Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy new year!!! It's crazy how fast that year flew by! This will be my first full year on the mission and I hear that this year will go by even faster. New years was awesome. We made some rootbeer floats with coke and ate a bunch of chips but then we had to be in bed before the new year.
We had a good week this week. We're starting to work with the members a lot more and were starting to get referrals. We're really going to focus this week on strengthening the members. Church this week wasn't the greatest. Not one member from Quirehue came to church in Coelemu so we definitely have some work to do. My companion is improving a lot. He's a pretty funny kid. It's hilarious watching him learn Spanish because he says a lot of funny things. Sometimes he forgets we're speaking Spanish and just speaks English to people. I'm really trying to speak as much Spanish to him as I can so that doesn't happen again.
This week we had a mini cambio. My companion had to go to a new missionary conference and I went in a trio with the zone leaders in Tome. Tome is amazing! I seriously feel like I'm on vacation every time I'm there. The weather is always perfect and running on the beach is the greatest. I really hope I get to work there sometime on my mission. Other than that, nothing really happened this week. We are working hard, teaching a lot of lessons, being obedient, and really making progress with the members. Sounds like you guys are doing awesome! Enjoy the cold weather. I'm getting fried here and cant wait for the winter! Love you guys!

The third picture is us riding these little bikes in the plaza. It costs like a dollar and we go every P day.

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