Sunday, January 26, 2014

January 13
Hello family, 
P-day was awesome today. This morning  we went to a less active's house that works at a chocolate store and we helped her make chocolate all morning! It was definitely the best service project I've ever done. I ate so much chocolate I'm going to be sick. We then went to the plaza again and rode those little bikes again.They're so much fun and every time we go we get a crowd of people watching us. This week went really good. We are still really trying to work with the members. At church we had 3 less actives that hadn't been to church in years. We're starting to get a lot more referrals and the members are starting to get involved in the work. We still have a lot of work to do but the branch is definitely getting stronger. We weren't able to get any investigators at church on Sunday but we did find a lot of people this week. This area has been tough but I've been learning like crazy. I know God is just preparing me to be a better missionary. The harder it is here, the more I try to perfect every little thing I'm doing wrong. Thanks for the "Just keep Swimming" article, that's exactly what I feel like. I know with exact obedience we'll find these people that are prepared.
My companion is doing good. He's a pretty funny guy and likes to talk to everyone which is awesome. The other day he chased a guy down on a bike and made a contact while running with him. We've had some good experiences and were doing awesome! 

Elder Roberts

January 20
Today we had a nice relaxing day at the beach! We went to a little town about 40 minutes past quirihue in the middle of nowhere where the weather and everything is perfect. We played Frisbee and watched like 100 sea lions, it was amazing. This week we had interviews with the President again. That was the fastest three months ever. It went good. He said he's not planning on closing down quirihue any time soon so that was some good news. I'm a little nervous for next week though because we have cambios again and I don't really want to leave yet. We are starting to make some awesome progress with the members. I also had a mini cambio with Elder Dabel. The last time me and Elder Dabel had a mini cambio I had a month and a half on the mission and he had about 2 weeks and it was horrible because we both knew no Spanish! So this time went a lot better! We could actually talk to people and we had a lot of awesome lessons. We are still working a lot with the members and we are seeing a lot of progress. This week we had church in Coelemu. Not very many members came because it is so hard to get people to travel! This next Sunday is in Quirihue and I think we will have a lot of people there. We also have a few good investigators. One with a baptismal date. We've only taught her once but I really hope she can start progressing this week.
Love you guys!

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