Monday, May 26, 2014

This week was a little bit tough. We weren't able to work very much with our progressing investigators. We are still working with Betcey Roberts but we found out she's a little weird. She started telling us about how she believes in reincarnation and how she was a white horse before this life. She still has some doubts about baptism also, so the baptism date was pushed back a little bit. She does still want to come to church and everything so we'll keep working with her. 
Our ward is starting to improve a lot. Were really starting to work with the Bishop and we also finally got a ward mission leader! I haven't had a ward mission leader my whole mission so its been really great.
My dream came true this morning. There is a big river about 20 minutes away from our house so we decided to get some fishing stuff from some members and go fishing this morning. All the members told us before we left that the water is contaminated and if we want to catch poop to go there but we went anyways. They were definitely right! We fished for about an hour and didn't see any sign of life but it was still a good time.
I died when I saw you guys boating! That's crazy everyone is out of school. By the way I figured out that I can watch the videos so keep sending me videos! Love you guys!
Elder Requena got a nice dog bite on his leg

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