Monday, May 12, 2014

May 5
We got destroyed by rain again this week. I definitely was not prepared and got soaked for about two days. Today I went and bought an awesome water proof suit and some giant rubber rain boots so I think I'm ready for the next storm. Other than that this week went really good and we are starting find more people. Right now the mission is really focusing on contacting people in the street so we've been contacting like crazy. We are really starting to see the blessings from it. A few days ago we found a  family that we had contacted in their front yard a few weeks ago. We taught baptism and they accepted within ten minutes! When we got there they told us about how the other day they were talking about how they need to join a church and be baptized. We arrived just in time and we had an amazing lesson. Everything was perfect until they told us they might be moving to Panama in about two week! It was horrible news but were going to keep working with them anyways and see what happens. 
I'm really exited to skype on Sunday! I think the only time my companion can do it is at 8. I don't know what time Parker has planned but let me know so we can maybe try and change something. I also don't really know what the time difference is there so I'll let you guys figure that out. Love you guys!!!

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