Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April 14
This week was a little bit boring. Its starting to get so cold! We're like penguinos in the morning. We have little electric heaters to heat up our rooms but ours doesn't work very good at all. I heard it gets a lot colder and a lot wetter so I'm excited for that. I actually really like working in the cold. The food is also a lot better. We eat a ton of soup and a ton of sopipias or scones. The only bad thing is that they put catchup and mustard on the scones instead of honey butter. Its pretty gross but I'm getting used to it. I think I'm gaining some weight back. I weighed myself and I've gained 8 lbs back so I'm not the skinniest man alive any more.
This week we really focused on preparing Oscar for his baptism! I've never seen anyone so excited for their baptism. He was baptized on Saturday night by one of his good friends in the Ward. I've never seen so many people at a baptism before. We had about 50 people there and a lot of non members. I've never felt the spirit so strong in my like. We gave Oscar a surprise and had him share his testimony at the end. He gave a strong testimony and also his experience in the last few months. I'll tell you guys a little bit of what he said. He used to lie to his parents every week so that he could come to church. His mom eventually found out and wouldn't let him get baptized. He felt horrible about lying to his parents but but he loved going to church. I'm pretty sure his family is all against it but his mom finally let him make his own decision. He's now planning on serving a mission! It was an awesome experience. Also what I loved about it was the ward did everything! Just like President Hinckley said - the members find and the missionaries teach. I hope you guys are taking the challenge and inviting someone to church every three months! Love you guys!

April 21
Another cambio already flew by! They go by faster every time - it's crazy. I'll be staying here in Chillan again with my companion Elder Requena for another six weeks. I'm really excited to be staying here. Our ward is awesome and there is so much potential and I think we are going to see some awesome things this cambio.
Oscar, who we baptized two weeks ago just received the Priesthood and he's doing awesome! Also I think they're going to be giving him a calling soon. He's determined to serve a mission and he's doing everything he can to prepare. We also have a young investigator named Belen that has a lot of friends in the church. She's willing to listen and everything but the only problem is that she doesn't believe in God. We invited her to pray so we'll see how that goes this week. That was the good news of this week but there is also some bad news. The other Elders in my district have some really awesome investigators named Tita and joleni that were planning on getting baptized soon. They were a little hesitant on their decision to get baptized so as a District Leader I got to do an interview of support just to help them with any doubts they have. We had an awesome interview and I could tell she has a testimony of the gospel and the Book of Mormon. She was really excited to come to church the next day and also wanted to go to all the classes. She came to Sacrament meeting and loved it and then we went to the class. Usually there is a lot of people but not one person showed up. The teacher then showed up and said her husband is sick and she left. Tita thought that was really disrespectful and really unorganized so she got super angry, almost starting to yell at us and marched out the door. It all happened so fast and we had no idea what to do. We are going to try and save them this week so we'll see what happens. It would also be great if you could keep them in your prayers.
Dad I'm glad to hear that about my hamstring because I've been playing on it for a while now. Its definitely healed a lot and I don't really feel it anymore so I think it will be fine. We actually played soccer this morning and it felt great. We also ate scones with honey butter this morning for our zone activity and it was amazing.
Sounds like everything is pretty normal at home. I'm glad to hear that Ryan's knee is better. Max and Ryan you need to email me to tell me how baseball is going. Enjoy the warm weather its getting freezing here. Love everyone!!!

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