Thursday, April 3, 2014

March 31
Como estan!
This week went a little slow but it was really good. It started out nice and warm and then all the sudden we got destroyed with rain. It poured the entire day on Saturday. My big Mr. mac jacket was water proof for about an hour and then its a sponge. We got soaked but I actually love the rain. It's so much better than baking in the sun. Ever since the rain it has just been freezing cold and our house is just an ice box.
This week we found some awesome investigators! As we were sitting in church on Sunday, a lady from the other ward pulled me and my companion out of class and introduced us to a kid named Oscar. She told us he's ready to be baptized but he just needs to be taught. We set up a baptism date right there and then taught him later that afternoon. He's in our ward but he's been participating in the other ward for the last two months. It was so awesome because the members did all the work! They invited him to church, helped him make friends, and now he's more than ready to be baptized. He's 17 and wants to go on a mission so I'm super exited to teach him. I did a baptism interview with a little nine year old kid in our ward named Benjamin. He's just like Jaxson but ten times worse. You cant even imagine how horrible the interview was. He was jumping all over the place and literally screaming as loud as he could the whole time. It was horrible but I was really surprised how he understood everything and answered the questions while screaming so he passed. At his baptism he jumped in the font and started swimming before they opened the curtains. It was hilarious.
I finally got my package with my pants! It probably wasn't the best idea to put packets of peanut butter in there. They kind of broke and got all over my pants but it all came out so its alright. 
I hope you guys are preparing for conference! I'm seriously so excited. I'm glad I'll be able to understand it this time because I didn't get a word out of it last time. Love you guys!

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