Monday, April 7, 2014


This week went by really fast! Conference basically took up Friday and Saturday so it felt so short. I loved Conference!! My mind was just blown by all the amazing talks.I got to watch it in English so that was really nice. We had a room in the back with all the gringo missionaries and a ton of candy. That's awesome that Roberts grandpa talked, I didn't even put that together. 
Our Investigator Oscar is still doing awesome! He came with us to 3 sessions of Conference and he loved it! He's really excited for his baptism on Saturday. We still have to teach him the commandments but he is definitely ready. Last week we set a goal in our District to have six investigators in Conference and we were able to bring six! My district is doing awesome and we are seeing awesome progress in our sector. To answer your question Dad we do a lot of contacts! Elder Ballard made us a promise that if each missionary does 10 contacts in the street every day there will be a huge growth in baptisms in our mission. 10 doesn't sound like very much but they also made it a rule that knocking door contacts don't count anymore. I think they're trying to eliminate knocking doors from missionary work. We now talk to literally almost every single person that we walk past in the street.
I guess you guys heard about the earthquake. It was super far away but we heard a lot about it. We actually got a call on Friday night that we had to be in our house because the earthquake was going to hit us at 11! My companion is from Santiago and experienced the huge earthquake about 5 years ago. He is now terrified to death of earthquakes and it was hilarious to see his face. We waited until 11 and all the sudden, our power went out and everyone went crazy. Our power than came back on and it had nothing to do with the earthquake and nothing ever happened. 
Sorry I haven't sent pictures for a while. I don't have much time but I'll send a bunch next time. Love everyone!


  1. Eldeeeeeeeeeer Soy Ximena De Quirihue
    No le había podido escribir, porque no he podido encontrar su fotografía, ojalá se encuentre muy bien en Chillan sirviendo su misión, me hubiera encantado que fuera a mi bautismo pero no se pudo, aqui le mando una foto de aquel inolvidable día. Me encuentro estudiando en Concepción, acá participo todos los martes de instituto, estudiando con mucho amor el libro Mormon, sé que es lo mas hermoso que tenemos sobre la tierra junto con la guía del Espiritu Que tenga un Hermoso dia...
    oh! tambien he dado mi pensamiento espiritual y perseverando cada dia en el camino del Señor... Bendiciones

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