Thursday, April 3, 2014

March 24
We had a good week this week. Things are definitely getting better. We know the sector and the members really good now. We're getting a lot more help and References. We visited a Reference last night. Her name is Daisy, she lives alone and has a lot of family in the Church. She's a really good investigator and I think she's really going to progress. We had another really good investigator this week that accepted baptism and to go to church on Sunday! Turns our she didn't make it to church on Sunday. We called her after and she actually came, but never entered and walked home and then told us she doesn't want us to come anymore! I don't know what happened but it was probably the most disappointing thing in the world. I also gave a talk on Missionary work. It went really good. My Spanish has improved a lot with my Chilean companion. I'm also learning a lot of Chilean words and phrases. Some members actually got mad because of all the slang he uses. We had to tell him to stop so hopefully I don't use any of that stuff.
We had a zone activity today. We played soccer and volleyball. I'm now a master goalie. They don't really like my playing other positions. My leg feels alright. Still bugs me but its getting better. I also met one of Spencer and Taylor Dunn's friends. I just forgot his name but I guess he was in one of Spencer's classes so that was cool. I finally got one of my packages! I love the children book of Mormon its amazing. That's about it this week! Sorry its so short but love you guys!

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