Monday, August 18, 2014

8-11 This week I have some great news and some not so great news. The good news is that our investigator Tina is doing amazing and is all ready to be baptized this Saturday! The bad news is we haven't been able to see our other investigators and they weren't able to go to church. Carla had some complications with her surgery and will be in the hospital for probably another week. We were able to teach her son Benjamin that is 14 years old and he is now planning on being baptized with his mom in a few weeks so were hoping this week that we can get ahold of Carla again to figure out when they can be baptized.
Barbara and Felipe are just the greatest investigators but this whole week they were in the hospital with Felipe's mom who is really really sick and we couldn't teach them. I called him Sunday morning to see if he could go to church and he told me he had just found out a few hours before that him mom has cancer. Its been really hard for them and its definitely the perfect time to here the gospel. I think his mom entered the hospital the very day we found them so we were definitely led there by the spirit.
We had the greatest zone activity today. We went on a long drive this morning into the middle of nowhere to one of the biggest waterfalls I've ever seen. It was seriously incredible, and Dad you would have loved it. We walked down and under it and got completely soaked and then froze like ice sickles on the 3 hour ride home but it was all worth it. I'll send you some pictures next week because I don't have time right now even though I wasn't able to take very many because my camera battery is a goner. Last week it just died and it doesn't work at all and its always been a bad battery and died really fast so i don't know if you have some kind of warranty or something on that?
Love you guys and have a great last week of summer!

8-4 The last couple days we have gotten destroyed by rain. My water suit isn't holding up very good and I've bought three umbrellas and they all break within a few days. Were getting pretty wet but other than that this week went really good. We've been seeing a lot of blessings and we have found great new investigators. We're still working with Hugo and he has a baptismal date for the 16th of august. He's still not really sure about it but he's progressing really good and had a great experience in church. He's really hard to teach because he talks like crazy and never stops until you cut him off in mid sentence. Its been a little difficult trying to help him fully understand everything so i think that's why he's progressing a little bit slower. Carla is doing awesome and can be baptized whenever she wants. The only thing that is stopping her is her family is very catholic and they are not going to be happy if she gets baptized but she knows the church is true and said she's already made the decision. She's going into surgery this week so her baptism will have to be in a couple weeks. 
We had a new investigator come to church. Its a family of three that we found knocking doors. We don't know doors very much but i really felt the impression to knock in this door. Barbara the mom was able to come this week and Philippe the husband was really sick and couldn't come. They are doing awesome and i really feel like they are a chosen family that would be amazing members of the church. They're very interested but we'll see how it goes this week with them.
Hope everything is going good down there. Have an awesome trip in California! Wish I could go but I'll be there for sure next year.

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