Monday, August 25, 2014

We had a good and also very disappointing week this week. We're really focusing on taking care of the investigators that we have right now especially Tina who had  a baptism date for last Saturday. We worked with her everyday to get her ready and to finish all the teachings she passed the interview on Friday and was so excited to get baptized. We had everything all ready to go and as we were on our way to walking to the church Tina called me and said she wasn't going to be baptized. My heart dropped and it just about killed me. We still don't really know what happened but she still wants to go to church and keep preparing so were hoping we can do it this week or the next. It was a tough day but we kept working hard and it actually ended up being really good. We were at a members house trying to get them excited to share the gospel and we gave them a pamphlet to give to a friend. We gave them one week to do it but 20 minutes later we got a call from the hermano saying that they had already given the pamphlet to someone and she was waiting at there house to be taught. We went right away and had an awesome lesson and she accepted to be baptized right away. Her name is Scarlet so that would be great if you could pray for her.
We are still working with Filipe and Barbara. Its been really hard to teach them because of his mom with cancer but they really do want to be baptized. He said his mom is getting a lot better and might be in the house this week so they will have a lot more time and were hoping they can be baptized within a few weeks. 
I really want to send a lot of pictures but my camera battery is dead and i cannot find a place with camera batteries here so i don't really know what to do.
That's about it this week. Keep sharing the gospel and have fun in school!

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