Monday, September 29, 2014

Hello familia! Sounds like you guys have had a great football season and I love hearing about it! Sorry about the cold weather that is coming your way and for the hot weather that is coming very quickly to Chile. It gets warmer every day and I'm loving it. I received some good news from Elder Stallings in Chillan that Tina got baptized! She actually got baptized the week I left and she's doing great and going to church every week so that was awesome to hear. Some bad news, our investigator Moises said he doesn't want to be baptized and we had to leave him. It was a bummer but we worked hard this week and found a ton of new investigators. 
I bought a basketball this week. I got really bored of the push ups and sit ups in the morning so I decided to go play basketball in the mornings at a court that's really close to our house. Me and Elder Mitton challenged a few Chilenos to a game the other day. I don't know if you remember Elder mitton, we came on the mission together and he also lives really close to our house in Pine View. Anyways we played some Chilenos and after a year without playing we were pretty rusty but we still kicked some butt. I also played a kid in one on one and committed him to church if I won and I won but sadly he didn't end up coming to church. It didn't work that time but I think we are going to keep using  that for a finding activity. 
Max and Ryan HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I remember your birthday last year like it was yesterday that went by way to fast. Love you guys!

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