Monday, January 5, 2015

Hola mis queridos amigos,
Sorry I didn't get to write you very much last week. I decided to send a few pictures and I ran out of time. I also forgot to tell you that I got transferred from Parral! I am now in the other side of the mission really close to Concepcion in a city call Chiguayante. I love it because I'm now really close to the ocean and the weather is so nice. I feel like I'm in California where it doesn't get too hot or too cold unlike Parral, where we got fried every day. My new companion is ElderSkelton, another gringo from California but he's basically chileno because he speaks perfect Spanish so I learn a lot from him. We have been called to be zone leaders so that has been pretty fun. Its nice to have a change for once. As a zone leader the work is a little different than a district leader. I'm also living in the same house as Elder Tafur again. He's the craziest, most annoying little peruano that I've ever met in my life and I have to live with him again after living with him for 3 months already back in ChillanI'l definitely be studying patience a lot this week.
We are working with some awesome investigators. We have Luis that is getting baptized this Saturday. A few weeks ago he was addicted to weed but it has been a few weeks since he's smoked and he's excited to be baptized. We also found an awesome investigator named Evelyn. She told us that she has visited almost every church looking for a church and hasn't found one that she likes yet. We found her and she accepted to be baptized right away and even better- she lives litteraly right in front of the church. That would be awesome if you could pray for them! Love you guys!

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