Monday, January 26, 2015

We're baking like toasting cheesers!

Hey family how's it going? Me and Elder Skelton got a lot done this week and we have a great group of investigators that were working with. We are still working with Pamela and she came to church again. She is scared out of her mind to get baptized so I think that might take a little more time but she loves going to church. She has a very sad life and a lot of problems but she understands good and definitely needs some prayers. We've been working with a girl named Eli that is about 25 years old that we found knocking doors. She really cool and super shy and was litery shaking when she went to church. She loved it though and our ward is awesome at being friends with our investigators so she even has some friends. Christopher will be getting baptized this Saturday. He just had his third asistence in church and is ready to go! Also a new person we found named Carolina came to church. We are not sure if she came to church for us or for the church yet because she asks us to be her boyfriend every time we see her. She seriously scares me sometimes so we are going to see her real desires this week.
We had some huge changes in the mission last week. I don't know if you know about all the key indicators that we have like the lessons with members, other lessons, contacts and there was a total of 15. The first presidencia has now told us to take away almost all of the key indicators and to just keep Baptisms, confirmations, asistence in church and contacts. There are basically no numbers now and the way we work has changed a ton. I like it a lot more because were more free to do what we feel the ward needs to grow and not just achieving numbers to get numbers.
Hope your enjoying the slopes. This week was the hottest week ever and we're baking like toasting cheesers. Love you guys!

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