Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pray for the members!

Still loving Quirihue! Its getting super hot now! Walking and tracting in the sun for hours makes me so tired but we had an awesome week this week. We found more investigators than we've ever found before. We've still been working with the members a lot. We were really trying to get a lot of people to church this week because president Arrington who is thinking of closing down Quirihue was coming to attend Church with us! Sadly we had the worst attendance we have ever had. We had 6 members and 5 investigators. I don't know what to do with the members but we did have a good turn out with our investigators! And in that picture I sent you last week most of those people are from  Coelemu. We're working hard though and trying to be exactly obedient and I still have faith in Quirihue! Please pray for the members. I feel like every one of them is going through really hard times right now.
I'm so happy you sent my package! I'm so exited for Christmas. I just bought a Christmas tie that plays music for a dollar and a half so I'm exited to wear it. We went to Concepcion today. I saw my "father" Elder Jorge getting ready to head to the airport to go home. It was a sad day! We had the greatest time. He lives pretty close to Parker though so I told him to go say hi. The fleas are attacking again. My left thigh is dotted with about 30 bites and who knows how many more. Well that's about it in Quirihue. Thanks for the pictures. I love seeing everyone! love you guys!

Elder Roberts

PS Mommy I'm doing awesome!!! how are you doing? I love you mom!!! Im exited to talk to you in a little over a month! Seriously, I cant wait! In the picture -
look at the tie. It's my tie of the tiger

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