Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Time is flying by!

I'm already on my third Cambio! Its crazy how fast time is flying. I'm still companions with Elder Ronco and staying in Quirihue so there's no changes. I finally finished my 12 week training so I should be ready to train other missionaries. I don't know about that but by December half of the entire mission will have been out on their mission only since August or later so this mission is super young! There's been a few kids training right after 12 weeks, so there's a good chance I'll have to train somebody within these next few cambios. This week was good. We've been teaching a lot of lessons and found a lot of new investigators. Church was at our house this week and we had 5 people committed to come to church on Saturday night and nobody came! It really is so frustrating. And then we only had 12 members from Quirihue at church. We're really going to have to start working with the members a lot now. The Stake Presidency came to our church this week and we got to have a little meeting with them. They want to change the focus here on reactivating and finding people that can lead the church here. Other than nobody coming to church, I really am loving it here. I'm learning so much. My Spanish is getting a lot better. It is still not that great but I was able to teach Priesthood class on Sunday. I don't know how much they understood but I felt pretty good about it. We also had the opportunity to do some service this morning. We helped an investigator milk cows. I now know why farmers have giant forearms. It was also disgusting and I hated it but I guess it was a cool experience and hopefully we can get them interested in the gospel. We've had English class for the last 5 weeks and nobody ever shows up, but this week we had someone show up! It was awesome to finally teach some English. We've been passing around a ton of fliers and I think we're going to have more people this week. Halloween was basically the same here except there's no king size candy bars so I was a little disappointed. I'm super excited to hear about Parker! Let me know what he said in the airport. Did he speak any Spanish to you guys? And how's the cold weather? Its getting super hot here and I love it. Love you guys!

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