Tuesday, October 29, 2013

We had interviews with the President this week. It went really good. President Arrington is a great guy. He talked about how Quirehue is struggling and we really need a Branch President here. He said "if you need a Branch President,  then baptize one." So we're praying really hard to find a Branch President! I really do think things are picking up in Quirehue. We had church in Coelemu and we had about ten people from Quiriehue there, which is pretty good because it is so hard to get our members to travel all the way there. We had one investigator in Church! Her name is Jenifer and she's 21. We found her family last week and we've had some really good lessons with them. They all committed to prepare for Baptism. They were a little hesitant but I think it is good because they really have a desire to learn more and find out the truth. We were teaching them about the Holy Ghost the other night and all the sudden the mom stopped and said, "I feel something good right now, and I feel like this when you guys come over." It is was awesome to see the power of the Holy Ghost and I'm really confident in this family. We had an activity night on Friday. We had about 10 people there and 3 non members. We always play games at the end so I decided we should play our family's favorite game ooga booga look. It turns out that nobody gets into it like we do and they all thought it was the dumbest game ever. So that was a bust. You definitely need to send me a list of all your games because we are running out.
We had to travel to Concepcion twice this week for my Carnet. Everything worked out great except I'm completely out of money. I think I spent half of my 200 dollars a month on buses so I've been eating oatmeal for the last week. Tell grandma thanks for the family update. I got the chance to read the whole thing because of all the bus rides and I love to see how everyone is doing. Tell Zach congrats and Tell David I'm sorry about his face.
I'm super exited about Parker! I thought for sure he was stuck there in Utah forever. I hear it is a little like Chile, so he's going to love it in Argentina. I still can't believe Max and Ryan shot a dear. Definitely send me some jerky! And have you sent that package yet? Well I love you  guys!

Elder Roberts

PS Elder Dabel made us a pulpet from the wood in the backyard. Here is a picture

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