Monday, October 7, 2013

Watching Conference!

This week was long week and not very much happened. Conference was awesome! We had a sweet set up at our house with a big screen and a projector. I just read the sub titles because we had to watch it in Spanish and I didn't understand a thing! We only had 1 investigator there which was kind of a bummer, but Juan is doing awesome and is planning on getting baptized this Saturday. It's been super hard to find people. We have no help from the members and so many of our plans fall through because nobody has cell phones so its really hard to confirm appointments. We do a ton of walking and tracting. I want a bike so bad! Well that's about it this week. This week wasn't that great- we're going to work hard this week and I'm confident that we'll find more people this week.
I'm so sad about grandma Bliss. President Arrington's wife called me the next day and told me the news. It sounds like you guys had an amazing last few moments with her and I wish I could have been there more than anything. Sorry my letters are getting super short but I don't have much time today. I basically went on a road trip to Concepcion this morning for my visa. Love you guys!

Watching conference!

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