Monday, October 21, 2013

Awesome week!

This week was awesome. We worked with the members a lot this week. On Saturday we had some members from Coelemu come down to help us visit all the less actives and then we had an activity at our house after. It turned out really good. We had a good amount of people at the activity and even more at Church. Church was at our house this week and we filled it up! I think we had 22 members from Quirihue, so we're making progress.
We found some awesome investigators this week. We found a family who is really interested. I was really disappointed we couldn't`t get them to church but I'm exited to teach them this week. We found an old lady that wanted to get baptized but her daughter won't let us in the house anymore to teach her so that was a bummer. 
But I'm feeling confident about this week. We're going to really try and work with the members. We started giving assignments for home teaching this week, so I'm excited to see how that goes. That's about it here in Quirihue. I`ll answer some of your questions dad. The typical day for me is wake up, work out, eat and be ready by 9, personal study till 10, companionship study till 12 and then we leave the house. Lunch is at 1:30 and that's the main meal of the day. Then we have language study from 3 to 4, leave for the night and be home between 10 to 10:30. Our branch president isn`t that great, so we need to inspire him. I don't know him very well yet but the Elders that have been here for a while aren`t a fan. He is not that much help, but we will change that. But we did just get a mission leader! He`s an awesome guy and I'm excited to work with him.
I'm starting to get fat. I hate it. The members feed us a ton of food. I actually have to eat healthy now and I`ve gone running a few times. Have you talked to Doctor Toronto yet? I really want to know if I should be doing anything else. Well I love you guys!

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