Monday, September 30, 2013

Not a ton happened this week. It is a lot different here that in Concepcion. The people are a lot nicer and we get into more houses. It is crazy how small it is here and how everyone knows each other. We found a lot of people last week so I'm feeling good about this week, but we only have one progressing investigator right now. His name is Juan and he`s a cave man. He lives by himself and he's the nicest and happiest guy ever but he can't remember a thing. We spent two lessons on teaching him how to pray. He finally got it at the end of the second lesson and I've never seen anyone so happy. We do a lot of tracting here. Its hard to get referrals because there are not very many members here and they are no help at all. Everyone is super lazy here and they never keep commitments. We even have two return missionaries here that are both inactive so we are gonna be doing a lot of reactivating this week. We take a ton of buses. We have to take an hour and a half bus ride just to get to our district meeting. We have church in a town called Collemue every other week and that's about 40 minutes away. It also takes a lot of money too because we have to pay for our investigators. It is a fun adventure though and I love it here. Its starting to warm up so that's super nice. It is still freezing at night. I sleep with 4 blankets. I haven't had any fleas here so that's been super nice.
Tell max and Ryan HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm still working on that package that I said I would send in the MTC. But seriously- I'm going to soon. I'm so sad about Grandma Bliss! I've been dreading that email for the last 4 weeks. Tell her to just hold on for just a little under two years. I'm seriously dying. Tell her I love her and I wish I could be there more than anything. I'm praying for her every day. I think about her all the time and I wish I could just call her and talk to her one more time on the phone. Tell her I love her! love all you guys!

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