Monday, September 23, 2013

Crazy week this week!!! So this week was a huge holiday called Dieziocho. It is like as big as Christmas here. It was really hard to make appointments this week because its an all week party so we did a lot of knocking doors and ate a ton of empenandas. On Wednesday I went on a mini cambio with Elder Hamton. We are both new and don't know spanish very well so I was a little nervous. It was diezioche so we didn´t get into very many houses but we were able to give a few lessons and it went awesome. 
I finished my first Cambio and that morning I was told that I am leaving to Quirihue!!! I was super surprised because thats a really short time to be in an area. I was a little disapointed beause me and Elder Jorge were having the greatest time. He was an awesome companion, so that was a sad day. So I traveled about an hour and a half to Quirihue. Quirihue is literally in the middle of nowhere! Its completly different than Concepcion. There are chickens and cows everywhere and of course a million dogs. Its super quiet, I dont think anything ever goes on here but it is awesome for missionary work because missionaries have only been here for a couple months now. Most of these people haven't seen missionaries. We have church at our house. We had about 20 members there on sunday. The missionaries here do everything. We teach seminary, gospel principles, priestood, and speak almost every Sunday. Its crazy, I definitely need to get better at spanish. My companion is Elder Ronco. He's 22 and he´s from the United States but he's Mexican and already knew spanish. He's an awesome missionary and is really good at teaching me spanish. There are four missionaries living in the house. Elder Gonzales only speaks spanish and his companion Elder Dabell just came from the Mexico MTC and knows no spanish. 

My laundry gets done in one day now so I don't know if I need all those garments but if you already sent them its fine. Have you guys seen Parker yet!? Why is it taking so long? Have a great week!

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