Sunday, December 7, 2014

Hello everyone and Happy thanksgiving!
I hope you enjoyed your giant meal and judiths. Looks like everybody was there and im definatly jealous of the family football game. Also i hope you enjoyed the little package and hopfully you learned how to use the little tops. I tried for a long time and i couldn't learn until a chilean taught me how its done so good luck. 
We had a great week this week in the work of the Lord. Both of the families that were working with went to church this week! We are super exited for them because they are all progressing very good. Estrella, Carlos, Matias, and mazamiliano have all been to church 3 times and are ready to be baptized on saturday. They are the coolest familly and so ready. They already have friends in the branch,  they come and play soccer with us every week, and this week at church they came ready in a white shirt and a tie. Also Matias like i told you a few weeks ago was living with his girlfriend but two days after we taught the law of chastity she was gone and out of the house. It was such an answer to our prayers and we've seen so many blessings and changes in this family. We also found out that Maximiliano thats 11 years old has read half of the book of mormon already. He's been reading every day so gave him a challenge to read the whole thing before his baptism and im going to give him one of my favorite ties.
Mauricio, daniela, and sebastian came to church. Blanca had her baby on wednesday so she couldn't make it. They actually invited us to the hospital the very next day and we went and saw the baby. It was a little weird but we have gained a lot of confidence with them and their doing awesome. Pray for all of them and i will send you pictures next week. Love you guys!!!

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