Sunday, December 7, 2014

Hola! Sorry, I literally have no time but we had a great week this week. Carlos, Maximiliano, Matias, and Estrella went to church again and are doing awesome. They understand everything so good and I love teaching them. We are also starting to work with their parents who are also really interested, but work a lot, so they'll take a little more time to work with. Also Mauricio, Blanca, Daniella, and Sebastian are doing good. We're really sad because family came to stay with them Saturday night and they didn't go to church, but they really do want to be baptized and are going to church for sure the next week. Mauricio went from drinking every single day to drinking just a little bit on one single occasion the entire week, so thank you for your prayers! They still need a lot of prayers because things are really hard for them right now and they will be having a baby this week.
I went fishing again today and it was the third unsuccessful fishing trip in the mission! I'll send you some pictures next week!
Love you guys!

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