Thursday, December 25, 2014

Hello family,
Sounds like your enjoying the nice ski weather. I dream of that every day here, it is ridiculously hot. From about 4 to 6pm every day, we just toast in the sun. The nights are really nice though, so after the sun goes down it is nice and cool. It still feels weird being Christmastime and it is hot outside, it just doesn't feel the same. But we put up a tree and we are bringing the Christmas spirit. I also received the package! Am I allowed to open it or do I have to wait till Christmas?
We had an amazing week! Estrella, Carlos, Maxi, and Matias all got baptized! Thank you for your prayers- it was seriously a miracle that they progressed so fast and were ready to be baptized. They had an awesome experience and loved every second of it. They already have friends in the ward and are talking about going on a mission. Well I love you guys. Have an awesome week!

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