Friday, March 13, 2015

Hey everyone! We had a good week this week and my companion is doing a lot better. He's eating and he hasn't thrown up in about a week, so I think he's good to go. Eli is still doing really good. She has now been to church 4 times and she loves it. Her dad is still the only thing stopping her from doing it.  She's going to fast with us on Tuesday so that everything turns out good and we also have an appointment to talk with her dad this week. We are praying that she can get baptized this sunday. We also had two new investigators in church that are preparing to get baptized name Michael and Tamara. They are a young married couple that are really awesome. I think they're about 23 years old and that was their first time in church. Please pray for them! Love you guys!

Hello everyone,
We had a great week and we also saw some miracles. Like I told you last week, our investigator Eli was having some family problems that were stopping her from getting baptized. She really wanted to be baptized and she didn't know what to do so we decided to fast together with her. She didn't like the idea at all at first but she decided to do it anyways and she did a whole 24 hour fast. The very next day, she gave us a surprise call and said that she had received an answer and that she was getting baptized on Sunday! It was definitely a testimony builder on the power of  prayer and fasting. The baptism went great and the font did not overflow!
This morning we went and played some football on the beach. I hadn't been to the beach in a long time and i don't think i had played a game of football my whole mission so we definitely had a good time. 
Thanks for the birthday wishes! I cant believe I'm 20! I still feel like a child. I'll try and do something more fun this year because last year I didn't really do anything. Love you guys and have an awesome week!

Elder Roberts

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