Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 23
Hey family,
Today there were changes in the mission, but me and my companion are staying together another six weeks so I'm pretty exited about that. Elder Calizaya is still sick. Almost every day after lunch walking back to the house he throws up about 5 times, all of his lunch, before we get back to the house. He stayed in the house of a member 4 times this week and I've just been leaving with members or sometimes I just get stuck in the house bored out of my mind. We're going to the doctor again today so hopefully they actually do something this time.
I'm not sure if I told you last week but we are working with an awesome family that we found about a week ago. Grandma and Grandpa Clark wrote me a letter saying that they were praying that we could find a golden investigator for my birthday and I think we found them the very next day, so thank you for your prayers! The mom Solange has been inactive for more that 20 years but she's super awesome. Her daughter Constanza that's 13 and her son Rodrigo that's 17 are both preparing to be baptized and their super excited. They've been to church twice and there is nothing stopping them from getting baptized so please pray for the them. They also cant be baptized until the mom is reactivated so it will be in a few more weeks. That's about it, hope you have an awesome week!

Elder Roberts

March 30
Hey family,
We had another good week here in Chiguayante except that my companion is still sick. Today we finally found out what is wrong with him. He did the endoscopia and they found out that he has more that one sickness. The valve or whatever its called that closses in you stomach so that food doesn't come back out your throat is lazy and doesn't work very good so that's why he's been throwing up. Inside his stomach is also really beat up and injured on the inside and also some bacteria infection that I don't know what its called. They gave him some medicine so hopefully he gets better.
We are still working with Solang and her kids Constanza and Rogrido. I don't think they could  be doing any better. They are one hundred percent involved in the activities and Rodrigo goes to seminary at 6 in the morning every day before school. Please keep them in your prayers!
My soccer skills are improving. Were playing once a week at the church and a few times a month on a huge field down in Concepcion and I'm actually starting to like the sport a lot even though I'm pretty out of shape.That's about it this week. Love you guys!

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