Monday, April 20, 2015

Elder Oaks

Hello everyone,
We just had an awesome zone activity. We've been doing zone activities almost every week for the last few months and its been a blast but this one was definitely the best. We went Paint balling again in a really cool place in the hills and then ate some delicious Papa johns. 
We also had an awesome conference from Elder Oaks this week. We woke up super early and took a two hour bus ride to Chillan with the whole entire mission to watch the broadcast from Santiago. I loved his talk! He talked about the importance of the Holy Ghost in the conversion and how a lot of people are converted to the church and not by the Holy Ghost and don't have a testimony of Jesus Christ. It's good to be converted by the Church but without the conversion of the Holy Ghost, they wont stay active. He also talked about a lot more things that I don't have time to share.
Austin Congratulations! I definitely had no idea he was getting married so fast and that really surprised me. Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jaxson!!! I did remember but I forgot to tell him last week. Love everyone!

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