Monday, April 27, 2015

How's it going fam?
This week I feel like we worked hard, but its been really hard to find new people. We've really been trying to talk to everyone in the street and I have never been rejected so many times in my life. One time we counted, I  think about 15 people in a row that wouldn't even stop to talk to us so were learning a lot of patience and just looking for those chosen ones. We are seeing a lot of blessings from it also. Rodrigo, Constanza's brother, that a few weeks ago got really closed and didn't even want to talk to us. He just told us out of nowhere that he wants to get baptized. The ward did a really good job with him, even though he didn't want anything, he still went to church and the members made him feel like he was already a member, and now he's more excited than ever.
On Saturday we had cleaning day all morning and I don't think the house has ever been so clean since the missionaries have been there. It gets pretty bad sometimes, but we've been trying to keep it pretty clean. Afterwards, my companion made us some huge pancakes with manjar and it was amazing. I'll definitely bring some manjar home for you guys its pretty dang good and they put it on everything. Welp thats about it. love you guys and have an awesome week!

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