Monday, October 13, 2014

Hello family,
This week was very busy and I got very little sleep. On Tuesday I went down to pick up my new companion! His name is Elder Alder and he is from Salt lake City. He speaks almost no Spanish but he is learning really fast and he's a really nice kid. He's a little bit shy especially because I decided that I'm not going to speak any English to him but he's talking more and more every day and I think he's learning really fast. On Thursday, we had a leader conference in Concepcion so we had to take the 3 hour bus trip again and stayed the night in the assistants' house. The conference was really good and there is going to be some changes in the mission. We are changing a lot of key indicators to work with the recent converts and less actives more. I also saw a ton of my buddies from the mission there and I found out that Filipe and Barbara, our investigators from Chillan should be getting baptized on the 25th so I was really excited to hear that. 
After Conce we went straight to a little town called Retiro to do a baptism interview for some missionaries in my district. We went to do it that night because they were getting baptized the next day, but when we got there they told us they weren't going to make it home in time from work and that we would have to do it in the morning. We ended up doing the interview at 7 30 in the morning and then we took a 15 passenger van and drove about 30 minutes to a river in the middle of nowhere and they got baptized. It was really funny because it was freezing cold and there was also a group of fisherman fishing right next to the baptism. That's about it this week! Love you guys,

I have a lot of pictures to send when I get my new camera battery

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